A Tooth Saved

Many years ago I noticed a loose tooth, next to one of my front teeth. I hadn’t had a dental check up for some time and decided to have the tooth looked at. The dentist informed me that to save the tooth, I had to religiously clean and floss my teeth three times a day for three weeks and then to come back and have it checked again. I didn’t want to lose that tooth or my smile, so I did exactly as the dentist instructed.

After the third week the tooth was still loose, and after I was flossing again for the third time that day, the words of the dentist came to me again about cleaning my teeth religiously. That word – religiously – struck me. I asked myself ‘What religion are you?’ and answered ‘You are a Christian Scientist, that is your religion and you don’t have to follow any other religious belief!’

I stopped cleaning my teeth so rigorously, or should I say religiously, and that was the end of the problem. The tooth has been perfect for more than twenty five years.


Maidstone church member