Chest infection and ‘flu-like symptoms gone

On Friday I began to feel ill. I had been doing a lot of prayerful work so when the suggestion came to me that I was going to be ill I thought good, now’s my chance to utilise this prayerful work productively! To human sense I felt as though I was getting ‘flu or a chest infection and my son predicted that it was definitely going to turn out to be swine flu!

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from seasonal chest infections and I thought ‘here we go again’. But now I saw all this as nothing but a suggestion, an evil suggestion and nothing more. However, the hypnotic effect of the need to sleep seemed so great that I thought that I should not be able to rise above such a belief.

On Saturday I couldn’t get to work and I felt my chest to be inflamed and tight. However, I thought I shall just do all that I am able to do and stick to the Truth. I affirmed, as I lay in bed, that the suggestion was an illusion. I did as our leader (Mary Baker Eddy) told us, ‘to stand porter at the door of thought’. I denied this belief and told it I was going to send it back into the nothingness from whence it came.

I also decided to work with the synonym LOVE. Every time the thought came that I was going to be ill for days, I swopped the suggestion to embrace the synonym. In other words, I’d say “just where this so called discord is there is only Love, peace, harmony, goodness, Principal.

By Monday I was fine and the suggestion and symptoms of the ‘flu and bronchitis had done exactly what I asked them to do – go back to the nothingness from whence they came.

‘For what manner of LOVE the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God’. 1 John 3:1

Maidstone Church Member