Bible Lessons

Our DailyBible Lessons for independent spiritual study Find the knowledge and strength to make intelligent choices, handle challenging situations and be a source of comfort to others with this practical, daily resource for inspiration that can be applied whatever your situation. This outline of spiritual self-study explores twenty-six broad topics with excerpts from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Though the Bible Lesson topics are repeated twice a year, they are looked at from a different perspective each time. People who regularly study these lessons find it leads to personal discoveries that bring peace and well-being to their daily life.

Our Bible Lesson Family

On-line subscriptions eBibleLesson Contains the entire text of the Bible and Science and Health references specially formatted for eReaders, smartphones and other portable devices. A free sample is available. my Bible Lesson Designed for teen and young adult readers, this version of the Lesson includes new study tools.

Printed subscriptions Study Edition (full text) Contains the entire text of Bible and Science and Health references which make up each Christian Science Bible Lesson. Standard Size Study Edition Large Print Study Edition (Look inside) Citation Edition Contains the Bible Lesson citations (page and line references) to help you study each Lesson directly from the King James Version of the Bible and Science and Health.