Needs Met

As a single woman on quite a low income, I have had my share of financial challenges, but each time my needs have been met.

I had one such challenge recently when I felt led to do something but seemed prevented from doing it by apparent lack. I say ‘apparent’ because we know that there is no lack in Spirit. I have sometimes been guilty of limiting the limitless! As I pondered on this concept for a while, I felt sure that my inspired thought would bear fruit and was content to leave it like that.

A few hours later I had to make a ‘phone call to an acquaintance, who quite unexpectedly offered me a sum of money to cover my need. I was, of course, duly grateful to the person in question, but even more so to God.

I went straight to the kitchen and said in a loud voice “Thank you Father!” At the same moment in which I had proclaimed this my eyes rested on a ‘fridge magnet which had the following quote from Psalms 119:18 – ‘Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wonderful things out of thy Law.’ Yes, I thought, how could I forget! I then noticed the words on a pretty note pad next to the ‘fridge which read: ‘Forget-me-not.’

I was so touched by this experience. The words had become illumined so I knew it was a sign and a message given directly to me.

Maidstone Church Member.