Hardness Dissolved

About ten years ago I became quite concerned about a hardness or a pressure in the breast, it seemed to come and go. At times I couldn’t sleep on that side and it and it was painful to the touch.

Then one afternoon whilst visiting my mother, I again became concerned as it felt quite uncomfortable. Now I was fearful. As I walked to my car I reached out to God in prayer and simply said, “Dear Father, what is it I need to know or do to correct this problem?”

As I was about to get into my car, it was as though someone spoke to me, and a voice said, “Healed is thy hardness, His love hath dissolved it.” I had read, or heard, these words somewhere before but I couldn’t think where, but it was certainly familiar. I then asked, “What does this mean?” Then the reply came, “Because you have loved your mother.”

Over the years my mother and I had a relationship that was at times contentious to say the least. But I had resolved to love her and care for her as she approached her ninetieth decade.

And so it was. Over the last ten years I gave her as much time and attention as I could, but most of all, I wanted her to know that nothing could come between us and that our love for each other would never end. That hardness (of character) or pressure simply dissolved. As I drove home, I knew I was healed and the problem never returned.

I found the wording was from our denominational Hymn Book No. 278/289 (3rd verse).

‘Healed is thy hardness, His love hath dissolved it,

Full is the promise, the blessing how kind;

So that His tenderness teach thee compassion,

So all the merciful, mercy shall find.’


Maidstone Church Member