Sending emails

Help in sending emails as posts on the site

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frustrationSending emails to post on the site is probably easiest if you use a ‘mail client’ application (e.g. Entourage, ThunderBird, Eudora or Mail [on Mac] ), as clicking a link on a web page will create a blank mail; sometimes with information already included from the link. If you use your web browser (e.g. Entourage, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to manage your mail, then such links on the web page will not, generally, work. So then you’ll need to know what address to send to and any other required info…

To send mails that will appear on the website as posts;

    Only mails sent from the email address with which you’re registered on this site will be posted – look to the ‘Howdy… -> Edit my Profile’ at upper right if you’re not sure which of your email addresses is registered for you on the site. You may edit the address in your profile if required!

    Please send the mail to This address is only for posting to the site; any mail sent to this address from a registered address will be posted; probably to PrayerWatch.

    Posts can be sent to different ‘categories’ on the site. If no category is included, the mail will be posted to PrayerWatch. In order to be sure that you are posting to the correct category on the site, please include the following at the beginning of the subject, including the square bracket and a space after but excluding the inverted commas; ‘[PrayerWatch] ‘, ‘[Sharing Science and Health] ‘ or ‘[This and That] ‘. Then put your subject, So, for example, a mail with the subject ‘[Sharing Science and Health] I gave a copy to . . . ;-)’ would be posted to the ‘Sharing…’ list with a title of ‘I gave a copy to . . . ;-)’.

    Whatever is in the body (including pictures!) will be shown on the site

Once its sent, it may take up to half an hour for your mail to be processed into the site by an automated process, though it is usually no more than 5 minutes. Once the process has completed and the post has been loaded, you will be sent an email.

If any of this doesn’t make sense (or plain ‘don’t work’), then Christine or I will be happy to try to work through it with you on the phone.